Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You have been infected by a computer virus...

A scientist claims to have been affected by a computer virus.

Interestingly, Dr Mark Gasson not only infected himself through a computer chip, but also transmitted the virus to a PC, to prove that malware can move between human and computer.

**I have no idea why this reminds me of avian flu.Or of my car being connected to a computer to see why the 'engine check' light was on.

Sony Unveils Flexible OLED

Now this is aesthetically and technically awesome and the implications are large:

I was thinking of newspapers, watch-like gadgets, but I am late, they are already there and there.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When I was a kid, and my father, a Maths teacher himself, wanted to help me get that 'stronger base' in Maths and Physics in secondary school, I am sure he got more than he bargained for. That was simply because I needed to have my 'Whys' and 'What's the use' answered, everytime. It thus seems only fair that I now explain why I needed to have another blog, though I already have one already, which, incidentally I keep orphaning for months or years sometimes.

To start with, I like to organize my thoughts (yes, I still think), and personally I would hate to read about business strategies and movies in the same blog, so I needed a different one to try and summarize my thoughts and observations and learnings from what is happening around, and what other wise people are talking about what is happening.

So, yes, this blog will be different, serious, and maybe, geeky. As serious as it can be from a person who hates taking anything too seriously (except hunger and the obsessive need for organization). This blog will also have less opinions, and more "news" and links about news that interest me in the business world, mainly, technology, marketing and reactions from users. This blog will be about those links which I 'chase' through the virtual space simply to know 'why it is happening' and 'what's the use' and 'how it all started'. I can safely blame this tendency on Baba for not asking me to shut up and learn what is given in the books, when the time was still right.

And of course, as old habits die hard, this blog just might be because of my narcisstic need to let others know what I think, and involve everyone in a conversation to satisfy my incessant need to talk to people, at least virtually.

So, here's to another journey with opinions and arguements, facts and effects, past actions and future plans - a chance to ask why and a place to air thoughts.